Friday, November 11, 2011

2010 Travels and Moving

We started the year off by going to Boston, MA so I could audition for the Longy School of Music.
Here's some of the fun we had...

Here's the Longy Conservatory, I love the architecture of old buildings in New England :)

 Harvard Square, which was only about a 10 minute walk from the music school.

We went to Salem for a day and checked out a museum dedicated to the infamous Salem Witch Trials (yup, you guessed it, I'm totally into it with my paranormal interests :)). We didn't spend too much time outside though because it was soooo freezing cold.

Here's the museum, this ice scuplture witch is awesome!!!

This was a pretty view on the way back into Boston

Here's a pretty roof garden that was at our hotel

MAY--Caribbean Cruise!!!

We went on a week-long cruise the first week of May, here's some of our highlights

Puerto Rico--where the cruise shipped out from



We had a lot of fun this day. We decided to go on a river tubing excursion that was a good distance away on the Island. The view of jungle on the way there was beautiful.

When we were on the way to the Carib Indian Reservation and our tubing excursion, we stopped at a little roadside fruit stand. They had samples of all types of fresh fruit that grows there. I particularly liked the coconut :)

Carib Indians
Before we went down to the river, we got to meet and be entertained by the last known living tribe of Carib Indians. This tribe is who the group of islands known as the Caribbean are named after. Sorry, looks like the second video didn't upload.


This day was a lot of fun too. We didn't go on any sight-seeing tours, but mostly just hung out at the beach that wasn't far from the ship dock and built a sand castle and buried each other in the sand. We decided to rent a wave-runner for a little while, but unfortunately we don't have pictures of that. Notice how my skin matches the sand perfectly :)

 We decided to go on a horse riding beach trip. We rode horses to the beach, then got to ride on horses out into the ocean.

Mitch decided to try his hand at standing on the horse. He fell pretty immediately after he got up :)

We forgot our camera the first formal night, but it was a lot of fun to get dressed up.

We tried our hand at scuba diving. It was so cool to see all the ocean life so close and without glass between us like at an aquarium. We did see a blow fish and I didn't know that the tips on their barbs are poisonous. Good thing we didn't get too close :)

Good-bye St. Kitts!!